Getting started with Citizen Science: a survey of tools and projects.

This workshop will introduce Citizen Science as a concept, common digital and analogue tools for engaging with it, and projects to be aware of and get involved with.

It is part of Science Literacy Week 2021 programming and is co-presented by the UBC Vancouver Library, the UBC Okanagan Library, and the UBC Library Research Commons.

Science Literacy Week 2021

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Goal of this workshop

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  1. Articulate what Citizen Science is.
  2. Identify a few common citizen science tools and project.
  3. Identify ways to get involved.


0:00 Welcome and using Zoom
0:05 Introduction
0:10 What is Citizen Science
0:20 Citizen Science tools and projects
1:00 Activities
1:25 Wrap-up and Discussion