Introduction to Jekyll

View workshop slides here

This workshop is meant to introduce you to the concept of static websites and to show you how to use Jekyll and GitHub Pages to quickly and easily publish a static site using only your browser. We will also provide some background information on the default Jekyll installation setup and the structure of a typical Jekyll site. Finally we’ll look at customizing your Jekyll site.


  • A account. We’ll use GitHub Pages to host our static site.
  • Some familiarity with Git and GitHub. We’ll use Git and GitHub workflows to publish our site. If you’d like to learn more about Git and GitHub before going any further, please see this workshop: Introduction to Git and GitHub.

Unless you set your Github repository to private, the information that you publish to your account will be publicly visible. As of 2019, Github allows unlimited private repositories for free accounts.


You can download a PDF containing the complete slides for this workshop here.