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Data Miner Activity

If you haven’t already, install Data Miner plugin for Chrome.

  1. Working from the “Recipes” tab, go to Google Scholar, do a search, and save the results of your search with a “Google Scholar” Recipe.

  2. Build a new recipe to scrape one of the following:

Jupyter activity

This example is adapted from the “Hitchhikers Guide to Python” html scraping tutorial.

  1. Open a Jupyter notebook here: Select “Try Classic Notebook” for a basic Python environment.

  2. Add a cell and install lxml then add a new cell and copy this this script into it, then run the cell.


pip install lxml


from lxml import html
import requests
page = requests.get('')
tree = html.fromstring(page.content)
#This will create a list of buyers:
buyers = tree.xpath('//div[@title="buyer-name"]/text()')
#This will create a list of prices
prices = tree.xpath('//span[@class="item-price"]/text()')
print (buyers)
print (prices)

You should see the following output.


['Carson Busses', 'Earl E. Byrd', 'Patty Cakes', 'Derri Anne Connecticut', 'Moe Dess', 'Leda Doggslife', 'Dan Druff', 'Al Fresco', 'Ido Hoe', 'Howie Kisses', 'Len Lease', 'Phil Meup', 'Ira Pent', 'Ben D. Rules', 'Ave Sectomy', 'Gary Shattire', 'Bobbi Soks', 'Sheila Takya', 'Rose Tattoo', 'Moe Tell']

['$29.95', '$8.37', '$15.26', '$19.25', '$19.25', '$13.99', '$31.57', '$8.49', '$14.47', '$15.86', '$11.11', '$15.98', '$16.27', '$7.50', '$50.85', '$14.26', '$5.68', '$15.00', '$114.07', '$10.09']

Explore the structure of the script reflected when we use the inspect function in a browser. Inspect element example for