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Bash shell commands

Command line cheat sheet from Tower

pwd: print working directory

ls: list contents of directory

cd: change directory

mkdir: make directory

cat: send file or files to output (in most cases, print to shell)

head: output first parts of a file or files

tail: output last parts of a file or files

mv: rename or move a file or files. Syntax for renaming a file: mv FILENAME NEWFILENAME

cp: copy a file or files. Syntax: cp FILENAME NEWFILENAME

>: redirect output. Syntax with cat: cat FILENAME1 FILENAME2 > NEWFILENAME

rm: remove a file or files. USE WITH CAUTION!!!

Git commands

git init: create a new local git repository

git status
view the status of your files in the working directory and staging area
git add
tell git to start tracking a file, or a series of files
git commit
save file changes from the staging area permanently to the project history
git push
upload all commits to a remote repository, such as GitHub
git log
show history of commits in reverse chronological order
git diff
show changes made to tracked files
git pull
download upstream changes and merge them into your local repository
git remote add origin
add a remote repository named ‘origin’, to upload changes to or download changes from


Getting Started With Git

Hands-on Learning and Guides