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NVivo Workshops: Overview


The online workshops cover both Mac and PC versions of NVivo 1.x.

Part 1: NVivo is a computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software. In this introductory workshop you will learn about the benefits of working with NVivo, how to set it up, the types of sources you can use, and how to import them into NVivo. You will also learn about nodes, codes, and queries.

Part 2: NVivo’s classification capabilities will help you add demographic data to your nodes, and bibliographic data to your sources. Datasets allow you to import and work with tabular material from spreadsheets, database tables, surveys, and social media. If you are comfortable with the basics of NVivo (importing sources, creating nodes, and coding) and would like to explore new ways of working with qualitative data, this workshop is for you!


Participants are encouraged to install NVivo version 1.x before the workshop to follow along with the activities.

If you have any questions or concerns please email

Workshop slides

Sample files

Files from an NVivo sample project that documented community perceptions of development and land-use change on coastal communities in the Down East area of Carteret County, North Carolina, USA.


Handouts from previous versions of NVivo (not required for the workshop)